Architecture photographer in Annecy

As a Architecture photographer based in Annecy, I offer custom, high-quality, and memorable services to meet your expectations. Let’s work together to capture the interior and exterior images of your buildings with professional photos.


Architecture photographer in Annecy interors and exteriors

Based in Annecy, I specialize in taking photographs of architecture, both outdoors and indoors. I offer services that are tailored to your needs and can be provided near your home or business. My architecture photographs are high quality with a natural and attractive look for you and your clients. Come discover your Annecy photographer.

I offer photo services for clients in the fields of architecture, interior design, hospitality, incentives, and real estate prestige.

As a certified professional drone pilot, I am also able to offer aerial shots to give an additional and original perspective on your buildings. Coming from the outdoor world, I am able to adapt my technical skills specifically for outdoor architecture photography.

Discover my Architecture Phtography portfolio

Below, you can view my portfolio of interior and exterior architecture photographs. This will give you an idea of my photography skills. I have worked with several hotels and businesses around Annecy to showcase the architecture of their buildings.

Would you like to work with me? Do not hesitate to contact me by email, phone or any other means, I will be happy to discuss your photo project with you and especially highlight the interior and exterior architecture of your buildings.

Your Photographer’s expertise in architecture

Photo de New york par le Photographe Architecture Annecy

After working for 2 years with a professional photographer around Annecy, I continued my training as a photographer through travel and numerous courses. Today, I have a thorough understanding of the technical tools for taking interior and exterior architecture photographs.

I also have the appropriate equipment for this type of photography. Over time and through my photographic experiences, I have honed my photographic eye and am able to offer relevant compositions for architecture shots.

I offer well-framed and composed shots, harmonious perspectives, and work with lighting and post-production that is faithful to reality in order to highlight the photographed places.

You can browse my website to see the full range of my work and the versatility of my skills. This photographic versatility allows me to think differently and approach things differently compared to architecture photographers who only do that. You will then have original photos.

Architecture Photographer in Annecy, a good idea?

Choosing a locally based photographer can be beneficial for several reasons. Having a photographer who is located nearby can offer many advantages that we may not necessarily think of when searching for an architecture photographer.

More Flexibility with the photographer

The fact that the photographer also lives in Annecy will allow them to easily schedule their time to accommodate you, especially in the case of last-minute decisions (weather, changes in schedule, etc.).

Often, more attractive prices

The fact that the photographer is close to the architectures you want to photograph, you will surely not need to pay for the photographer’s travel expenses and it will cost you much less as they will be able to come and take the photos without traveling too far.

La connaissance du terrain

En photo d’architecture, la connaissance de la ville d’Annecy ou de la région n’est pas un très grand plus mais, pour les extérieurs, cela permettra tout de même au photographe de connaitre les bons angles de vues et donc de réaliser les photos plus rapidement. Et surtout, il sait ce qu’il faut mettre en avant dans son cadrage.

Supporting local workers

Working with a photographer from Annecy is also an ethical approach, as you will be supporting a local artist and promoting the local and nearby business aspect. This is not necessarily an advantage, but it is a honorable approach nowadays.

Still not convinced? Let me do an architecture photo shoot with you to prove you wrong! Among the references I have worked with are the Grand Annecy, the Annecy Tourism Office, and the “Le Rivage” hotel.

So, do you want to take your architecture photos with a photographer from Annecy?