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Professional photographer and videographer

If you want to know more about my background and how I became a professional photographer, you’ve come to the right place. On this page I tell you a little more about me.


My story

Before being a professional photographer and videographer 

When I started, I had a “classic” professional career. After my studies in marketing and communication, I worked at Decathlon as a medias production manager for “Wed’ze”; the ski brand of Decathlon.
By ensuring the production and delivery of photo and video projects for web campaigns, TV, merchandising or poster campaigns, I have developed a great love for pictures.

Then, I worked with professional photographers and videographers as a consultant in charge of the production, communication and logistics of their projects. All of this made me want to create content even more.

Finally, I bought my first camera and went on an adventure to the United States to discover the magnificent landscapes that this country has to offer. 3 years later, after having visited 29 states, Canada, and more than 200 American cities, I decided to take up the challenge of living my passion: Photography and videography.

After taking the plunge

Today, I aspire to offer my services as a photographer and videographer to companies and individuals in my favorite fields: sport, music, landscapes, portraits, corporate, lifestyle, and events.
Due to my versatility, I will also be able to meet more specific needs such as hotels, interiors, and even the culinary sector.

My goal when taking pictures is to have a “wow” effect, I am extremely detail oriented, and I always do my best to achieve the best possible result. I like strong, lively images that convey emotions. Whether in photo or video, I am always looking for unique productions.

A project in mind? An idea? So come and let’s discuss it, I’m sure I can help you bring your idea to life!

They trusted me

They have already used my services as a videographer and professional photographer.

Whether in photos or video, they trusted me in their various visual projects. If you want to use my skills as a professional photographer or videographer, here are my references.
logo de Decathlon client du Vidéaste et Photographe professionnel Simon Morice


Bouygues batiment logo customer of the professional photographer and filmmaker Simon Morice

Bouygues Batiment

Les gourmandises de manon chocolate factory logo

Les Gourmandises de Manon

Manche tourisme logo

Manche Tourisme

Paladi Properties' logo american customer of of Professional Photographer and filmmaker Simon Morice

Paladi Properties

Grand Annecy's logo. customer of the professional photographer and filmmaker Simon Morice

Grand Annecy

Let’s work together!

My Professional Photographer Equipment


Sony A73
Gopro Hero 5 Session
Drone DJI Air 2 (S)

Sony / 16-35mm / F2.8
Sony / 50mm / F1.4
Sony / 70-200mm / F2.8

Gobe / ND Filter / 28-128
Hoya / ND Filter / 1000


Ronin – S2 / Stabilisateur
Manfrotto / Kit Trépied Vidéo 535AQ
Rotule vidéo MVH502


Rode / Video Mic Pro
Rode / Smart Lav+
Zoom / H4n Pro


Light Pannel Dimmable Bi-Color 660 Led x2
Light Stand tripod x2

Training For Professional or Beginner Photographer

In addition to offering my services, I like to pass on what I have learned.

I will always be grateful for those who have helped me and who still help me on my journey. It is almost impossible to learn photography or video without someone else’s help. Mastering the tools is not innate. This is why I offer various training courses in order to help future creators discover and / or improve in their practice of creating image content.

I will teach you the knowledge and skills you need to progress in photography and on the web.

My training courses are mainly aimed for beginners, but I have few courses for people with more experience. You will find them on my training page or by clicking on the button below.

See you soon !


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