Real estate photographer in Annecy

Are you looking for a real estate photographer in Annecy? You have come to the right page. I live in Annecy and offer professional photography services for real estate. Real estate photography is one of the keys to selling your property more quickly.


Simon Morice, real estate photographer in Annecy

Based in Annecy, I offer a photo service tailored to your needs to showcase your properties and increase your sales. My experience and expertise in photography and real estate photography will allow you to have high-quality photos that will increase your conversion rate. Discover my photographies in Annecy.

Indeed, I master the technical aspect of photography, I offer compositions and framings adapted to each room, I use the light to highlight your property. I use perspectives to guide the eye of the spectators through the photos. Finally, I do post-production to offer a photo faithful to reality.
The goal is to highlight the property, not to lie about it.

Thanks to my experience abroad (USA), the versatility of my activity as a photographer and my creativity, I will be able to offer you high-quality and very high-end real estate images. Finally, my 2 years of experience with a real estate photography in Annecy allowed me to help your business.

Discover my real estate photography portfolio

Below you can see my real estate photography portfolio. Some photos are taken with clients in Annecy, others are real estate photos from other places (especially the USA)

I am also a professional drone pilot which allows me to offer aerial shots for real estate and even more value your property.

Do you want professionnal real estate photographs for your agency or your property?

Why hire a professional photographer for real estate?

If you are a real estate agent or if you want to sell your property, the following 3 statistics alone show you how important it is to hire a professional for your real estate photographies.


Did you know that buyers spend 60% of their time on a real estate ad looking at the photos of it? In addition, they spend an average of 20 seconds looking at the first photo of an ad. It is also the time that a buyer takes to fall in love with a property.


An American study has shown that houses presented with professional photos sell for a higher price. On average, houses sold between $200,000 and $1,000,000 are sold between $3,400 and $11,200 more than those presented with amateur photos.


The same American study shows that houses presented with photos taken by a professional photographer sell an average of 21 days faster than those presented with amateur photos.

If you want to know even more statistics about choosing a professional photographer for real estate photos, I invite you to see this page.

To sum up, investing between $300 and $800 in a professional photographer will allow you to sell your property 3 weeks faster and you can even make money by offering higher sale prices. For example, you could include the cost of the photo service in your sale price.

Are you interested in trying it out?


There are many advantages to choosing a real estate photographer in Annecy. In addition to working with a professional photographer (and we have seen how important that is for real estate), you will enjoy significant advantages.

Today’s phones (and those who hold them) are not yet capable of producing professional quality photographs. While recently looking to buy in Annecy, I noticed the shortcomings of agencies in offering photos that make you want to see the property. Whether for modest properties under $500,000 or properties around the lake over $1,000,000, some agencies still have improvement to make.

So, what is the advantage of choosing a real estate photographer in Annecy?


The photographer will be much more flexible since he lives nearby, whatever the reason, it will be very easy to be flexible and responsive on the agenda for instance.

Save Money

You will save money because you will not requested to pay travel costs or they will be very low because the photographer is where you are.

Market Knowledges

Your photographer knows the real estate market in Annecy and the surrounding area, so it will be easy for him to know how to highlight your property compared to others.

Help Local Businesses

You allow local artist to work and thereby participate in the local economy, which includes many positive aspects (short circuit, reducing pollution, etc.).

If you want to work with me, contact me or meet with me, I live near you!