Corporate photographer in Annecy

Your company deserves the best, I am a corporate photographer in Annecy and I offer customized, high-quality and memorable services to meet your expectations. Let’s work together to enhance the images of your company with professional photos.


Why should you work with a coporate photographer in Annecy

For starters, a corporate photographer is a professional photographer who is used to taking business-type photos. He will therefore be able to understand your needs and respond with high-definition images. Come and discover our photographer in Annecy.

Corporate photography can take various forms and adapt to your needs and, above all, to the image of your company. That is why choosing a professional photographer is a huge asset to get the photos you need. The photographer will know how to build the visuals you need to respect your photos brief.

Today, images and photos are becoming more and more important place. If you don’t have high-quality photos on your website, your social media, or simply your brochures and flyers, you will fall behind your competitors.

It is therefore essential to choose a professional photographer for your corporate photos.

Discover my corporate protfolio

Below, you can see some examples of corporate photos that I have taken during my various shoots around Annecy and the surrounding area. I did many photo shoots with companies like the Grand Annecy, and many companies in Annecy and its surroundings.

Do you like the photos? You are not sure that I can work on your photo project? Do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone, I will be happy to discuss it with you. I am able to adapt to many situations and offer rates tailored to each corporate photo project.

Why chose a corporate photographer in annecy

Let’s be clear, if you are on this website, it is probably because you are from Annecy or its surroundings. You are therefore looking for a professional photographer to create your corporate photographs. The answer to this question is simple, you want to find a competent photographer close to your company. And you’re right!

Many advantages come from this choice you are making:

  • The photo service will cost you less because there will be fewer travel expenses for the photographer.
  • You benefit from flexibility since the photographer also lives in Annecy.
  • The photographer knows the surroundings of Annecy and can recommend places to take photos of your company.
  • You have a local approach that I also support, more proximity and support for local artists and businesses.

Pour résumer, c’est une démarche intelligente et efficiente de choisir un photographe près de vos locaux d’entreprise. Avoir une flexibilité avec votre photographe c’est important du fait que la météo est un facteur très important et souvent oublié lorsque l’on prépare son shooting photo corporate.

Chose Simon’s experience, corporate photographer in Annecy

The last point that is probably important to you is knowing if the photographer you choose is reliable and able to take the corporate photos you expect. Whether they are from Annecy or elsewhere, in reality, their location in Annecy only matters if the photographer is able to meet your images needs.

You can go to the homepage of this website to learn more about me. You can also scroll up this page to see the quality of my corporate photos or you can go see my other portfolios.

The advantage of choosing me as a corporate photographer for your company in Annecy or its surroundings is that my experience will be beneficial for your company.

Photo corporate skills

Before starting my own business, I worked at Wed’ze in the communication department. I was responsible for producing photos and videos. I was in your position to write the photographer’s briefs we worked with. So I know exactly what corporate photography is. In fact, you probably know how much corporate means to Decathlon, so you can imagine how much I learn about this area.

Photography techniques

I did not become a photographer before having sufficient technical skills to offer high-quality photo services for businesses. I assisted a professional photographer in Annecy for 2 years, which allowed me to learn a lot about the technique. Then, I took many technical and software training courses to be able to produce professional quality photos.

Artistic creativity

As you can see on this website, I am quite versatile. I enjoy the challenge of new photo projects that allow me to step out of my comfort zone and therefore work on my photographic creativity. All the areas of my photographic expertise allow me to bring a creative aspect to my images and especially to sharpen my photographic eye and therefore succeed in my photos every time.

Still not convinced? Let me do a corporate photo shoot with you to prove you wrong!