Annecy Photographer Prices

Annecy Photographer Prices: I am presenting my prices here so that you can get an idea. You are probably expected about this, but the prices of professional photographers can vary for various reasons. In any case, even if it is a passion, it is a lot of work.


Annecy Photographer, prices for individuals

The prices for photography for individuals in Annecy and the surrounding area vary depending on the type of service and the needs of the individuals. I am also able to adapt to your budget by offering a coherent solution to it.

In any case, you will have high-quality photos, the difference will be the ressources put in place and the time spent on the photos.

Here is the pricing grid for individual photos in the Annecy area.

Lifestyle Photos

Starting at 400 euros

Portrait Photos

Starting at 400 euros

Sport Photos

Starting at 550 euros

Musique Photos

Starting at 450 euros

This pricing grid is indicative, depending on your project and what you want to do, prices may vary. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or to schedule and get a quote on your project.

Annecy Photographer, prices for businesses

Unfortunately, it is difficult for me to clearly define my rates for businesses because it varies depending on the needs and especially the image copyrights you need. This page is not very useful for businesses. However, if you are interested in working with me, I invite you to contact me to discuss it.

Keep in mind that I will always find a solution to fit your budget. I repeat that the quality of the images does not change, it is the ressources and the time spent on each photo that will change depending on your budget.

Do you want a all in one photo shoot where I take care of recruiting models, scouting locations, recruiting a team of photographers, etc.? It is possible, but it will cost more.

You just want a photo shoot and take care of everything else, I just have to “press the trigger”? Obviously, it will cost you less!

In short, my rate for businesses depends on the project, your needs, and image copyrights.

Contact me, we will discuss it.

Annecy photographer prices, what’s included?

As a photographer in Annecy, my photo rates include the same thing for both individuals and businesses. Below, I detail as much as possible what is included for all my services.

The photo shoot

It seems obvious, but the rate includes the photo shoot, the time I will spend taking the photos, my equipment, my creativity, and my skills.

How many photos

Certain photographers offer a minimum number of photos included in their rate. I deliver all the photos that meet my selection criterias taken on photoshoot day.

post production

Finally, my rates includes post-production. It is often forgotten, but post-production takes almost as much time as the photo shoot.

Images Copyrights

My rate includes image copyrights. Depending on your project, you will get the copyrights to use the photos, the duration, and the media on which you wish to distribute them.

I remain the owner of the photos as well.

Number of photos:

I work differently from other photographers for several reasons:


  • You and I are not forced to take a certain number of photos, which lower creativity and especially the result.
  • I do not want to limit the number of photos for my clients. You are not paying for a number of photos, but for time and experience. I therefore deliver all the photos that meet my selection criteria during the shoot.
  • In any case, you will have enough photos that meet your expectations. This is a quality warranty for me.


It’s the selection of photos, importation of photos, development, retouching, and application of style (colorimetry), exporting in high definition, and uploading to a platform (delivery). It is a behind-the-scenes work that you may not always see, but it takes time and often makes the difference between a professional photographer and an amateur.

Image rights and copyright:

Often, people are poorly informed, but image copyrights are very expensive. It is important to make sure your photographer transfers these rights to you when you do a photo shoot to avoid problems later on.

We are only talking about commercial copyrights for companies; this does not apply to individuals. This is why services for individuals are less expensive!

For more information check this page for a quick understanding, don’t hesitate to contact me.

OTher Fees

Printing and photos storage are not included in the rates but these options are possible. Travel fees are also to be expected if working more than 10 km from Annecy. Accommodation and food fees may also be needed.

I hope I have been able to help you in your research. Indeed, as a photographer in Annecy, it is difficult to precisely define the price as it can vary depending on the photographer, services, type of shooting, etc. In all modesty, I believe that the system I offer is the most efficient and fair for everyone to come out of the job with a result worth the price.

Let me convince you during our first shooting!