Annecy Photography Courses

Are you looking for a photography courses in Annecy to progress in photography, to learn the basics of photography or to learn to master post-production software?
You’re in the right place! I offer various photo trainings near you!


A Annecy Photography Course with Simon Morice

As a professional photographer for several years, just as I have learned the ins and outs of photography, I enjoy sharing my experience with others. That is why I offer several photo trainings that will help you improve your shots no matter your equipment.

Whether you want to become a professional photographer, you are an amateur photographer or simply a lover of photography, you can participate in these trainings.

Remember that photography is a continuous learning process and we always learn more over time. Just with the possibilities that our equipment offers, there are always new tools and new ways to enjoy creating photo content.

Here I offer practical and post-production photography trainings because one cannot go without the other. You can simply choose to do a practical training or a post-production training or both!
In any case, it will be beneficial for you. Meeting another photographer always helps to improve one’s own photos.

Do not hesitate to contact me before booking your training to discuss and be sure you have made the right decision.

Find below all the Annecy Photography Courses I offer.

Practical Photography Course in Annecy

During practical photo trainings, we will meet to take photos according to your usual practice. Or, we can meet to take photos outside of your practice, it’s up to you!

Practical photography trainings take place over half a day or a full day depending on your time and budget. We will go around Annecy to stay close to home.

Here are the practical trainings:

197 € HT

Beginner photographer course

As its name suggests, this training is for beginners who have almost no photography background and who want to learn to master their tools (camera/lenses). Discover how to create harmonious framing and careful compositions.

We will begin the training by getting a handle on the equipment, learning how to use the creative shooting modes (P, S, A, and M). The goal here is to understand your tools to stop taking photos in automatic mode.

Then, in a second step, we will put into practice what we have just learned. Depending on the photos you want to take, we will go to Annecy or around the lake to take portrait, landscape, aerial, lifestyle, sports, etc. photos.

Why training yourself in photography

You can’t imagine what a half-day or full-day training can do for you, especially if you are a beginner. Training in photography will allow you to enjoy taking photos more, see things from a different perspective, and probably unlock a lot of things in your practice.

In addition, practicing photography training in a place like Annecy will allow you to benefit from almost unlimited playgrounds winter and summer. There are many online trainings, but they are very long, you lose human contact and above all a lack of practical field practice to share with your teacher.

Do not hesitate to register for a training with me, we will share a good time between photo enthusiasts and I guarantee you real progress in your practice. Can’t wait to work with you!

Photographer post-production course in Annecy

The photographer post-production trainings are here to help you progress in your content creation process. Just like in the days of film, post-production and development are essential for getting high-quality photos.
These 2 practices are inseparable, and often, if you don’t understand why your photos look as good as someone else’s, it’s in post-production that everything is played out.

I therefore offer you 1 trainings that can be done either remotely or in person. Make sure you have a powerful enough computer, photos to work on, and the post-production software Lightroom.

Don’t worry if you don’t have Lightroom or photos to work on, I can provide them for you.

97 € HT

Lightroom beginner course

This training is for beginners, people with no or very little knowledge of the Lightroom software. If you are not used to taking photos in RAW or raw format, and if you have never processed your photos in post-production software, you will love this training!

This training will also be appreciated by photographers who use lightroom but do not have a deep understanding of the software. For example, if you have never used the tonality curve, TSL adjustments, or graduated filters, this training will be very useful for you.

During the training, we will review the software from A to Z: Importing, library, development, and exporting photos. Then, we will work on a few photos to make sure you have understood the software’s operation.